Monday, May 19, 2008

Challenge from TWT: Writing Memoirs

Meet My friend Carol.  She is truly a friend. I know a lot of people. I hang out with a lot of people. But there are a few of them that know me so well as she does. There are few I would call lifetime friends. Carol knows my secrets, my dreams, and my fears. Carol saw me cried until I fell asleep. Carol witness my success and my frustrations. Carol and I have our own code. Nobody else gets it. We have our secret language of friendship. One look is all I need. One look is all she needs. We saw people come and go from our lives, but we stayed. We stayed because we knew we would still be there for each other when everybody else has left. We know good times. We know tough times. We know about dancing until our feet hurts. We know about counting down to the New Years and to see the first sunrise of the new year. We know about farewells. We know about never giving up. We are one soul.
Meet my friend Carol. She is truly a friend. 


Anonymous said...

Glad you have a great friend like that too!

Thanks for your kind comment as well.

Dogtrax said...

Sometimes, I think about how many friends have been left behind, and yet, I have this group of six friends that meet together every year (at least once) and we are there for each other through all of the hard and wonderful times.
We all need this in our lives: this bond with others, and not just lovers, either.

BK said...

Great to have a friend who knew you when. So important to hold on to them. A few of my closest friends have fallen by the wayside. I hope you hold on tight.

snowflakes said...

Sounds like an amazing friend. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Here's the scoop on Memoir Mondays for this week:

Looking forward to reading your writing. :)