Saturday, May 10, 2008

Summer Journals- 1

Oh nothing says more than children asking you constantly..."are we taking our journals home T-O-D-AY? I am thrilled that they don't like to wait for the last day of school to take their journals home. So, in order to really feel like a journal I told the children to start thinking how they want to personalize their journal. It is their choice, it is after all, THEIR journals! So, little by little, group by group we started working on decorating and making each journal a UNIQUE one. Children brought stickers from home, I provided their family pictures since I already have tons of those pics scanned in my school computer, some colorful sharpies, and off they went. 
The cool thing about watching them d
ecorate their journals was the excitement level of this simple project. Even in their covers, their writing have "voice". So cool.
So far this is what we have done with summer
a. decorating it, making it personal, unique and their own.
b. they received (so far) two notes glued on the first two pages of their journals from their teachers congratulating them for their writing choice, and encouragement to keep it up all throughout summer time. 
c. They started creating the never-ending list of things WE LOVE. (we talked about the big difference between "I like" and I "Love". For example: I like chinese food but I LOVE Italian food. 

More mini-lesson and step by step procedures next week. :)

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