Sunday, May 18, 2008

Journals Part II

Oh boy, oh boy!!! There are only....what? like 12 days of school left! It is amazing how even though all of us (me, my teacher friends, the students and the families) are all ready for a break, we are still getting so much accomplished!! Makes me proud.:)
So, what part of the process are we on with our Summer Journals???
Well, the students LOVE LOVE LOVE decorating their journals with personal photographs, stickers, some foam stickers I brought to share, words and phrases. I want them to enjoy this part of the process so much because this is what makes them WANT to take their summer journals home NOW. But I keep teasing them, telling them...."Oh dear, I will deliver these journals on the last day of school, but not before them." Their faces are telling me they can't wait, and honestly I can't wait either. I am excited that such a small thing turns out so big, something that my students have been looking forward to. 
We worked on our extensive (probably never-ending) list of things we LOVE (not to confuse with like. we actually discussed the differences betwee LOVE VS. LIKE).  Most students, first grade including have 2 pages of things they love. 
Next, I showed them how to use that list during the summer break. Going back to the list, and checking a topic they will like to develop, making it grow. 
Next, we talked about the power of sketching or drawing. We talked about how many times drawing first will give us a whole bunch of inspiration to write about.  We all drew a picture of someone we like a lot, and use ONE word to describe that person. (see picture attached). One of my students chose to sketch me and I was delighted to see how much she knows me, among the ONE word surrounding me I have words like: saturday (she knows I love my sat. morning routine), pizza (loooove it!), fridays (because it is movie days for me), hugs (a must!!!).  SHe wrote so many more things about me, and so glad to see she really knows her teacher.
What is the idea behind this activity ? simple. we are planting seeds. by looking at the one-word ideas surrounding their drawing, they can now easily write about that person. Most of the work is done already!
Oh ..I heart writing. The never endless possibilities.

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