Monday, May 26, 2008

Journals Part III

As many of you already know, we are planting seeds for our summer journals. I know that the idea of "planting seeds" is something you hear at the beginning of the school year and not at the end, but with the students taking summer journals home, we have to do some "thinking" together.
Well, you might be asking..."so, how's is it going?"...
Oh!! it is going...and it is going FUN-tastic. We are having a blast with little chall
enges that we give ourselves as writers. So this is what has been happening in my ESL class...
  • Students understand that their " Things I loooove" list helps them with ideas and that they can go back to any of the things in the list and write about it during summer time. 
  • Students started to work on their list of "Things that drive us CRAAAAZY" we had a blast with this list, and my students impressed me so much with their list by writing little and big things in there. 
  • Students understand that they can start collecting their thoughts anytime, anywhere, in any shape. Three students came up to me last week with an entry they wrote on a separate piece of paper. One of the entries was a funny story about how the toilet broke on a monday morning when mom left for work already!! (I love how she wrote at the bottom of the paper : mom is not going to be happy when she comes back!). Another entry was a poem he found and cared about. And the other entry was a note to mom. They all asked me if they can "add" this to their summer journal. Yeeeessssss!!! they are getting it!!! they are into this already!
  • Students understand that drawing is part of writing too. And they are relieved and thankful for that. 
  • I have asked the wonderful teaching staff at my school if they could write a note to my students encouraging to keep on writing during the summer time. I added those notes onto their journals and they absolutely looooved it. And the response, like always, was extraordinary! 
  • Check out this entry by one of my first grade ESL girls.....amaaaazing!

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