Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Good Stuff

Photos from our friday night dinner party for Erica! Happy Cumpleanos Girl!

I love reading I just love Ali Edwards look on life, she is optimistic but she keeps it real. Truly an inspiration and something about her that makes me believe we could be great friends if I only knew her (for real : one of my students' favorite phrases!). So, after browsing her site for inspiration, here is my list of good things happening right now...
1. relaxing on my blue couch right now
2. being almost done with my outline # 2 for class
3. a new month: may!
4. great photos from friday night dinner party
5. today was  a sunny day
6. had raspberry sorbet from our local ice cream shop
7. have pink cheeks from the sun :)
8. started organizing my new art & scrapbooking supplies
9. Fabrizio has a puppy
10. New bobbi blue shoes!
Feels good ending my sunday with a list of "good stuff" happening right now. I hope you take a minute in your day to freeze the moment, and just notice the great things that are happening around you and in  your life. :)

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