Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Your Bus

I'm Your Bus I'm Your Bus by Marilyn Singer and Illustrated by Evan Polenghi is a perfect read aloud for early primary bus riders! For many of our students, riding the bus will be a new experience this coming school year. This book will be a delight to listen to especially since it is filled with juicy, fun sounding words like sweeping, zipping, parking, creeping. This book is written as if the buses are talking to the audience. The buses describe their busy day, their adventures, their caring and the places they will take you throughout the year. This book was done by two creative and successful souls who give a lot to the community. Marilyn Singer has won several Children's Choice and Parents' Choice awards as well as a Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award Honor. Evan Polenghi is an art director for a children's music publishing company. He even created designs for Gap Kids and Baby Gap. What an award winning team these two individuals are!

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