Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Skip Through the Seasons

Skip Through the SeasonsAnother great summer finding: Skip through the Seasons by Stella Blackstone and Maria Carluccio. This book invites you to go through each month of the year encouraging you to pay close attention to the illustrations to find all the different items in the book. There are several things I really enjoy about this book:

  • the great use of strong verbs to start each month, for example: whirl into March, splash into April, jive into July or sail into August.
  • the fantastic illustrations done by Maria Carluccio full of life and color.
  • the words found at the bottom of the page so children and adult can find these items among the illustrations
  • it reinforces vocabulary and oral language in a fun way!
  • This book is available in Spanish as well!
PLUS, at the end of the book you can learn where the names of the months come from. It also includes the different calendars found throughout the ages, for example, the Hindu, Islamic and Hebrew calendar. And for the grand finale you will find the days of the week in different languages ranging from French, Italian, Spanish to German. This book is packed with fantastic things to share with children! This book is a Barefoot Books publication. Check out their website right here!


Franki said...

This looks great-I just put it on my order for our library. What a great find! Thanks:-)

katied said...

I agree with FRanki! Looks like a great find!! CAn't wait to reserve it!