Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Classic Story. Always Fun. Always Great

I just finished reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Emma Chichester Clark. And yes, like so many of you, already know and love the story. So how am I going to share this book with my darling English language learners? Well, here is my thinking. This is a story known and loved by so many of my students. But Emma Clark's version of this story is filled with great choice of words, words that bring dramatization and emphasis to the story. Here are a list of words I found that the author has used that are perfect example of a brilliant writer's work.

swallowed an enormous mouthful


she dipped a spoon in the middle-sized bow.

She plunged a spoon ...

after nosing through the shelves...

It's so stiflingly, smotheringly! suffocatingly soft!

This book is filled with examples of great, exquisite vocabulary that can enrich a story so much! I definitely read this book as a writer, paying close attention to the craft. And I'm not disappointed! What a great resource for children, for writing workshop, for tunning into great words. I highly recommend this version of a classic story loved by so many.

P.S. The word is stupid is used in this book. I always explain and talk to my students about words like this before I read the book. I thought I would give you a heads up on that particular example.

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