Friday, April 9, 2010

Mirror Mirror-Poetry Friday

Product DetailsWhen I picked up the book Mirror Mirror by Marilyn Singer at our Columbus Metropolitan Library, I had no idea how much I would have reading this book. Why? You may wonder. Well, this book is like no other, it offers readers the possibility of exploring two sides of every fairy tale. How is that possible? You may wonder. Marilyn Singer wrote a unique collection of reversible verse. That's right...First you read the poem from top to bottom like you would anyways. But if your curious to know the "other side of the story" then you must read the poem but this time from bottom to top.

Let me share with you the example from the author's first reverso inspired by her cat:

A cat Incomplete:
without A chair
a chair: without
Incomplete a cat.

Isn't that sweet? I can imagine our young readers in grades (2-5) enjoying it, reading these verses over and over again.
A round of applause goes to the illustrator Josee Masse that recreated a wonderful "fairy tale" fun with the illustrations in this book.

My World/Mi Mundo will be celebrating its 2nd B-day this Sunday April 11. What an amazing two years of learning and growing! Stay tuned next week for a fantastic book giveaway coming to celebrate our two years together.

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Mary Lee said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!!

My students are FASCINATED by these poems!

Marjorie said...

Happy Blogthday tomorrow!

I defintiely have to get a copy of this book! Thank you for highlighting it.