Sunday, April 25, 2010

I heart Amy Krouse Rosenthal's books!

Oh yes, you know exactly who I am talking about! The talented Amy Krouse Rosenthal has a new book out, and once again it is FUN FUN FUN!
So, most bedtime stories we read are about how a mom, dad or grandpa, or big sister puts a little one to bed. Always sweet. Always tender. But what would it look like if we reverse roles and the little one is the one that puts mom away to bed? Ahhh! That's what Bedtime for Mommy is all about. Bedtime for Mommy  In this adorable twist and reverse of roles, Mom is the one asking for five more minutes! The little one is the one gathering mom's bath toys (which includes lotions, soaps, and bubbles). And my favorite scene is the one where the little girl reads Mom a book. I always tell my students that I am always the one reading the stories aloud. Saying this always guarantees me a story time provided by my students. :-)

And when you think the book is over, here is the little girl coming down the stairs saying, "Okay. One down, one to go." And when you turn the page, who do you believe you'll find?

Exactly. :-)

Thank you Amy for another wonderful book. I wonder how's The Beckoning of Lovely coming?

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