Monday, April 26, 2010

My World/Mi Mundo -New Features

On April 11 2010, My World/Mi Mundo celebrated two years of blogging, of learning and of joining a community of children's book lovers, well known as Kidlitosphere. Writing and keeping a blog is definitely  a commitment and I'm so glad I have started this. The journey has been nothing but a bliss.

Now, as part of growing and challenging myself, I would like to incorporate a little bit more in this blog.

I'm starting a new feature in this blog entitled Visit to My World/Mi Mundo @ the ESL Cafe. Everytime you see this picture:
 It means I'm virtually letting you in on our literacy journeys as readers and writers. Teaching Literacy to English Language learners is what I do with all my passion and my heart. They have taught me so much and I would love to share these things with you through this blog.
Some of  you are already familiar with the physical setting of the classroom which looks like this:

Yes, I love colors and I'm not ashamed to admit it. :)

And books are at the heart of my daily instruction so you'll see books everywhere:

There are a couple of basic facts that I would like to share with you before we start these visual visits to the ESL Cafe so that it helps you better understand some of the things that are going on in the classroom.

1. I teach English Language Learners in grades K-5. I serve 75 students in my school. They come from all over the world: Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Ethiopia, Laos, Bangladesh, among others.
2. Ohio Language Arts Standards guide my teaching as well as the TESOL standards. In other words, I teach Literacy as the core of my instruction.
3. The ELL population keeps growing in our district. As of right now, it constitutes 15% of the total student population.

As I share with you our literacy journey, you'll notice that oral language is a big, important component in my daily teaching instruction. For me, it is a MUST that I grant students time to talk about their thinking, their writing, their ideas, their wonders, their connections. So please keep in mind as we go through this journey together.

Looking forward to have you in my classroom (virtually), and letting the learning and growing keep on happening!


Mary Lee said...

You're the perfect flag-bearer for ELL Teachers!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love it! Sigh....