Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Red Scarf

The Red ScarfThe Red Scarf by Anne Villeneuve is the story of a taxi driver Turpin who was having an ordinary day until...someone left behind a red scarf on the passenger seat of his taxicab. Turpin knows the right thing to do is give the scarf back to its owner. So he follows the red scarf owner without knowing in all the adventures he will be crossing and experiencing at the circus. The illustrations in this book says it all. That's right because there is hardly any text in the story keeping the reader absolutely engaged and participating all the way. This creative book has won the Governor General's Literary Award for Children's Illustration.

I fall in love with books like this. I love to watch my ELL students tell the story in their own words, at their own level of understanding as they construct meaning. I love watching them pay attention to the smallest details in order to help them construct their story. And while I listen to them, it gives me a very good idea of where they are in the process of language acquisition. I invite you to give your students a wordless picture book and watch the magic unfolds right in front of you. It's pretty amazing. Enjoy the Journey.

P.S Adding new small features to my blog soon as part of my growing & learning changes after my two years blog celebration. Time for some changes. Soon. 

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