Monday, June 30, 2008

Discoveries and Other Fun Little Things-PART II

So, as I was saying. 
This last saturday was a ME day. I owed it to myself. I needed a break from everything. So, after my successful time at the children's section over at Barnes and Noble at Easton, I went to the Just $ 1 corner of the bookstore to see if I could find anything useful. Well...I did. Mostly I found good books that I could use as part of my art journal images. I felt like a bought a whole tons of stickers for one dollar. The possibilities are so many when you find a book that has great graphics or pictures, or words. 
Then I just walked around and enjoyed the beautiful display of art work all around Easton. If you need ins
piration, a walk through these amazing stands get you all fired up and ready to just create.  
And my great saturday evening included Tennis Practice. I can't say I "play" tennis. Last tuesday I had my first tennis class, and this was a definite practice time. And may I just say...serving is a lot of work. I do not like to serve in a match. But I will practice. I 
gotta get better, right?
So, this saturday recipe for a healthy weekend included books, art and sports. It can't get any better, right? Like I said earlier...those little things in life make me very HAPPY. I guess I am now kinda ready to get back to working on those papers. Kinda. 

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