Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where The Steps Were by Andrea Cheng

Oh How I love when I finished reading a book and know there are so much potential for development and ideas, conversations and insights! These are some of the ideas I had running in my head after I finished reading this novel-in-verse Where The Steps Were by Andrea Cheng.
Meet a third grade class in inner city Cincinnati, Ohio. Under the guidance of   
 this caring teacher, Miss D, this grade class tell their story, their  year at Pleasant Hill Elementary. This class discover the works of Langston Hughes, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Abraham Lincoln and other heroes. There is one thing in particular I love about the Andrea Cheng's n
ovel...the way those children connect to the lives and work of these American Heroes. The third graders respond to the poem Dreams by Langston Hughes in ways that apply to their lives making it so much more relevant. 
This third grade class has one concern in common: they are worry about their school closing. They worry about their future, they worry about their past as they know it.  Another great element to complement this story are the black and white drawings throughout the novel. 
A wonderful book that leads itself to other great learning!

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