Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer Project Number 1= DONE :)

Besides being a teacher and loving it, I have other passions in my life like Photography, art journaling and scrapbooking. Being a teacher (to 68 wonderful ELLs children) and being a graduate student, didn't leave me so much time to play with creativity. So...I am looking forward to investing time this summer in making some art projects with photos, with a little bit of everything. I decided that the first thing I need is a place where I can feel inspired and an organized mess where I can function. My little studio room in my apartment went under some major transformation. I wish I could have take a picture of the before and after like make over shows magazines do. But all I have is pictures of the final product which I must say I am very proud of. I took special notice of the process that it took to get here. I did a lot of great garage sale shopping, actually use coupons to purchase things, something that in the past I just wasn't good at doing it. I purchased things little by little, I took realistic steps to get here since I have way too many things I needed to organized. All I can say that this took TIME and a lot of "before thinking" to complete this project. I can pretty much compared it to the process of writing: a lot of thinking involves, it takes time but when you get to that final piece, you are beaming with proud because you reached the finished line. 
Now...summer art they come! 

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Franki said...

This looks great!
I am afraid to take any photos of my before pictures of my office space but your creation has inspired me! You must want to hang out there all day!