Friday, June 27, 2008

Article online and Summer School Completed!

Ok...another thing accomplished this Summer of 2008....Today was our last day of Summer School and I must say, once again, it was successful. My friend Jessica covered for me the first 8 days of summer school since I had to take my last class at The Ohio State University. And she did a fantastic job setting things up. It is easy to set in the middle of class and keep on going when you are lucky enough to find a good friend who is a great teacher to set things up and get them started!
So why are these classes so good for our ELLs??
small sizes classes
tons of opportunities for oral language development
great multicultural literature!
GAMES that encourages them to speak out and communicate with each other!
and, well, of course....possible Hollywood Acting Career opportunities! This is their chance to do tons of reader's theater which they absolutely LOVE! 
One of the first skit we did was Yo! Yes! by Chris Rascha. Talk about children reading with expression. They finally understood HOW to sound like there is a question or an exclamation mark. or how to sound disappointed. We had a good time.

On an earlier post I wrote about planting for a Community Garden in Whitehall. Well...check out the story published yesterday. Those are my little students! So proud of them. And good article too. I am ready for an Art filled weekend! Enjoy it!


katied said...

Very exciting to see your kids in the news...sounds like a great program! I was just thinking of how I need to update my blog and it was nice to see your blogroll. enjoy the art affair!

Cassy said...

Way to go! Nice article about the garden. Felicidades - se ve te encanta...

Cassy said...

By the way, te enlace a mi blog.

Karen said...

Congrats on being dome with summer school!! The article is geat, too -- congrats on that, also!