Sunday, March 22, 2009

Something to look forward...

April is a special month. No doubt about that! It is National Poetry Month (my favorite!) and also Children's Day/Book Day is celebrated on April 30. Today I would love to share a special book by Pat Mora, who founded Dia in 1996 to celebrate books, children, languages and culture. Book Fiesta reminds all of us about that special joy that reading brings regardless of where you, there, at the library, or on an airplane ride!

Book Fiesta!: Celebrate Children's Day/Book Day; Celebremos El dia de los ninos/El dia de los libros Pat Mora even included a letter in the book with suggestions on how to celebrate Children's Day/Book's Day  on April 30th. If you want to find out more about this event, you have to visit this page in order to get all the wonderful details, and support system created for this event. I am very excited how this project founded by Pat Mora has increased so much throughout the years. She started this project in 1996 and today is celebrated in so many different states throughout the USA.  A day that celebrates children, books, languages and cultures makes it so worthy to invest time to investigate more about it.  And Book Fiesta provides a wonderful beginning to this amazing journey! Make sure you have time to check out this amazing bilingual Spanish/English story!


Mrs. V said...


At our school we have a full day Dia de los ninos celebration, and as part of it we give every student a book. I didn't realize that it was also book day. That is probably where giving the students a book stemmed from though.

Mrs. V said...

Sorry, without thinking I put Estela instead of Stella.