Sunday, March 1, 2009

Two at the Zoo- A Counting Book

Two at the ZooA new counting book is out and I am sure young children will love this one. Why? Well...there are many things that makes this counting book Two at the Zoo a Counting Book by Danna Smith and Valerie Petrone a successful one. First, the simple story line of going to the zoo and counting animals makes it so interesting to children because a) they love animals and b) the zoo is such a popular beloved place. But what I especially like about this counting book is that it is NOT just counting animals but also that each animals is described by what they look and what they do. For example...

Pretty parrots,
green and blue.
Talking, squaking
We count 2

The little ones that get to hear this book over and over will be learning so many cool words, listen to rhythmic language, and of course, learning how to count. This is definitely a wonderful addition to our counting book collection.

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katied said...

OK, this looks great! Thanks!