Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I don't need to wait until November to write a post about the things that I am thankful. I am feeling very grateful right now, I feel the need to record those moments, those feelings, those thoughts running through my head so I can freeze this moment in time.

Feeling very thankful...

for feeling energetic and optimistic
for summer festivals
for heavenly places like Hocking Hills
for waterfalls
for summer picnics
for children's laughs filling my day
for books waiting for me to open them
for my students whose bright minds inspire me every day
for the ceiling fan in my bedroom :)
for my little basil plant blooming in my apartment
for being able to spend so much time being active
for file folders that organizes my school life beautifully
for water that kept me hydrated all day long
for beautiful singing voices like Regina Spektor
for sand filling my shoes after hiking
for black and white photographs
for vibrant Costa Rican coffee in the mornings
for an early car drive
for a quiet prayer
for friends who are willing to be silly with you.
for tired legs that remind me how much fun I had today...

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