Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hook by Ed Young


There are times that certain things makes us this how is supposed to be? was this meant to be mine?  is this where I belong? Well certainly, this was the case for Hook, an abandoned egg.  Hook's destiny was unclear since he was found and adopted by a hen. Soon this hen realizes that there is more to Hook than the visible hook nose, it seemed like this world just wasn't enough for him. He was meant for something bigger, even higher. So with the encouragement of a young man, Hook tries to fly but does not succeed. But there are moments in life that with the right person by your side, you know you can give it a second, or third try. This was the case of Hook, an eagle that belonged in the sky, high up above, where it could witness life through a different angle. This story is brought to us by the talented and winner of the Caldecott Medal Ed Young whose impressive drawings never fail to leave his audience breathless. 

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