Monday, May 11, 2009

This is truly a community of learners...

Ever since I started writing My World/Mi Mundo (a little over a year ago) I have had some amazing experiences in the world of Kidlitosphere. I have met some amazing Columbus bloggers who later became good friends. I have made some new connections, and learned from a community that have a deep appreciation for quality children's literature, care about teaching and have the desire to expand their knowledge on teaching English language learners and students of different cultures. It is my wish that you have also learned a lot through this blogging world as much as I have learned. And I know there is so much more to discover.
In this post, I would like to thank the following blogs who keep supporting My World/Mi Mundo and keeps motivating me to keep my eyes and heart open to new learning:
Color Online: was founded in 2005 and through their blog they encourage and invite young women to express themselves through different media like literature, art and writing. Their blog is pretty amazing and I invite you to  spend some time there. Thanks to Color Online for adding a link to My World/Mi Mundo. I feel honored to have a space in your blog and to be part of the community that embraces literature and self-expression. 

Children's Book Press Blog: if you have been following My World/Mi Mundo you will know that I am a big fan and supporter of the literature published by Children's Book Press. I have reviewed several of their publication in my blog (you can find some posts here, here, and here too!). I am happy to see that Children's Book Press has added a special posting about My World/Mi Mundo highlighting our passion for books, poetry, and teaching. You can check out their posting by visiting their blog right here.

And last but not least, thanks Susan from Black-Eyes Susans for giving My World/Mi Mundo a Kreativ Blogger Award. Well, well, well, let me just add that this totally made me feel great special after a long and exhausting day at school on Friday. Thanks Susan.  

Since I received this award, my part includes sharing with you all 7 things I love (Oh! I LOVE doing this kind of task!) and passing this appreciation and award to seven other Kreativ bloggers. So let's get started, shall we?

I love:
1. black and white photography
2. saturday morning coffee in my pj's
3. crossing things off my list
4. hugs and cards
5. journal writing
6. children's literature
7. my library card

Now,  I would LOVE to pass this award to the following bloggers who brings and contribute so much to our blogging world:

1. BestBooksIhaveNotRead-Kristine does a fantastic job writing about literature, writing workshop, and sharing her new learning from conferences/workshops. 
2. Diversity Rocks: thanks to blogs like this one people open up their horizon to other books, by authors of different races, background, ethnicity. Their enthusiasm and passion for diverse literature is contagious!
3. The Rockstar Diaries: Josh and Naomi are this amazing couple whose appreciation for life, art, creativity and passion for documenting life as it happens is remarkable. 
4. Color Online: like I mentioned earlier this blog is packed with ideas, writing and book reviews that are going to stretch your thinking further and further. Are you up for the challenge?
5. A Year of Reading: I can't thank Franki and Mary Lee enough for all the things I am learning from them. Their posts range from book reviews, 21st Century Thinking, poems and other findings. This team is pretty amazing I must say.
6. Creative Literacy: If you are as lucky as I am to meet Katie you will know that this teacher puts her heart and soul into her teaching. Her blog is a wonderful reflection of that teaching world she loves so much. 
7. New York Portrait: If you have an appreciation for breath-taking photographs, and a special place in your heart for this city, then you can't miss a daily doses of a snapshot from the city that never sleeps. Kitty is an architect and looking at the city through her lenses is simply fascinating.

Alright dear friends, there are so many wonderful blogs out there that are making remarkable contributions. Please take the time to recognize them by passing on this Kreativ Award to them. That's the only way we learn from each other, by sharing and encouraging each other. 


katied said...

Stella- What a compliment! Thank you for your kind words. This blogging community has changed me and my teaching. It is such a gift!

Mary Lee said...

Thank you for your kind words and for the award!