Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In the Heights

IN THE HEIGHTS Broadway PosterI know that My World-Mi Mundo discusses and reviews children's literature and its use in the classroom with English Language Learners. But today I won't be reviewing a book, I won't be discussing a professional book either. Today I would like to talk about a Broadway Show that has made quite an impact on me, and I am sure on many other people as well. I was in New York City for the weekend and couldn't wait to watch this show I have heard so much about.
In The Heights, is the story of many, many of my darling ESL families. It is a story of families, of dreams, of perseverance, of making " a home" far away from home, of wishing, of fighting, and of making it.  The setting of this story is Washington Heights in New York where so many Hispanic families found "home" in the big city. The characters are strong and unique, like my people, like my gente latina. But the characters are so lovable and so real. In fact, that's what makes In The Heights such an amazing Broadway Musical, it is REAL, the characters stories are real, their dreams are real, their struggles are real. The songs from In The Heights are so vibrant, so full of passion, so intense. The lyrics are sang so fast that you can't blink or you will miss the meaning of the songs. 
Why am I writing about a Broadway Musical in my blog? Because I believe the story behind In The Heights is the story of so many of our ESL families who have packed one or two suitcases, who have left home so their dreams, or their children's dream can become true. Nobody can guarantee an immigrant that life in the new country would work, that their fights would be worth every minute, but it is a risk that many are willing to take. Yes, there are going to be nights when all you want is to walk in the streets of your own, old neighborhood, or taste Abuela's amazing homemade soup, or gaze at the stars under your sky, but those small moments are what makes a family so strong, so united, with a burning desire to go on. 
In The Heights is the recipient of the 2008 Tony Award for best musical and it will be coming to Columbus, Ohio in November. Keep your eyes open for the arrival of a musical that is a reflection of the life of many little faces that are sitting in your class. 

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