Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Are You Looking Forward to? What helps you keep going?

For all the ones that are in teaching and education, you know that the countdown to the end of the school year has started. However, in order to get there, there are one hundred and one things to do, to take care, to sign and to deliver before the end of the school year. *Sigh* Yes, it is very intense, quite the roller coaster ride! What is helping you get to the end of the school year? What are the things you are looking forward to? WHat helps you keep going?

These are the questions that were revolving in my head this morning, so here is what I discovered for myself...

What helps me keep going?
* Our fun informational writing that I am doing with students in grades 1 & 2.
*The artistic and creative Poetry Unit the 3rd graders are discovering
*Our inspirational conversation with my 5th graders about Life in America, what freedom means, and about being away from home. 
*My new mino flip video! Seriously, what took me so long to make this purchase?? It is one of the most fantastic little technology out there. I have only own it for a couple of days and I have already created more than 10 videos of my students' different projects!

I look forward to...

*My pool days with my favorite book in hand
*Thrilling Thursdays when a group of friends and I gather to cook, play, swim and talk.
*Celebrating 15 years of friendship with my friends Claudia and Carol in Marco Island, Florida.
*Participating in the 48 hour Reading Challenge. It is always such a good time.
*Going to Columbus Summer Festivals. Yes, my friends, I go to almost all of them. 
*Photographing this city.
*Creating different art project in my little studio.
*Reading, reading, reading! I heart reading.
*Finding new, fresh and inspirational ideas.
*Planning a road trip to...(don't know yet, but it is happening!)
*Hiking and doing tons of picnics at Hocking Hills.

What about you? What helps you keep going at school? What are you looking forward to? Enjoy the weekend which seems to be a combination of rain, sun, rain and more sun.

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