Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not All Animals Are Blue

Not all Animals Are BlueConsider this...a book that encourages and allows you to have conversation about simple concepts like colors, movement, facial expressions, and it possible? Of course it is. Not All Animals Are Blue A Big Book of Little Difference  by Beatrice Boutignon is a book of riddle, and guessing games where using picture clues is a MUST!  How does it work you may ask? Very simple yet creative, on one side of the spread you will find 5 descriptive sentences and on the other  you will find 5  animal pictures. Your job as a reader is to match the description and its corresponding pictures. What a fun read aloud this book will be! I can picture my students being totally engage as they hear the each sentence. Beatrice Boutignon even included colored font in the sentences to facilitate the recognition. The fact that the characters in this book are all animals makes it double the fun!

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