Monday, March 3, 2014

Slice of Life Challenge Day 3: This Weekend: A Post in List and in Photos

This past weekend we were supposed to have a snow storm here in Ohio. So, to prepare myself for this weather, I...
✔ went grocery shopping
✔ picked up movies from my local library
✔ had my books to be read on a pile by the couch
✔made sure I had some kind of chocolate in the house

But the snow storm never really came. It snowed. And it was pretty but it wasn't a storm. So the possibility of "snow days" was clearly out the window. However, I was in a relax mindset. Snow days usually do that to me. I love the fact that in snow days our world here in the States slows down. I know we all look at snow days differently. Some people like to make it a productive day and get things done. Some others like me like to pause, not chase time, and just be present so I can enjoy the quietness of it all. So yesterday I treated myself to life's little pleasure. I...

✔ made a special brunch: blueberries crepes 

✔ finished reading this book. I loved it and recommended! Great insights for embracing a simple yet intentional life.  
✔ I did some reflection from the month of February and some goal setting for the month of March!
Even though the snow storm never came and I didn't get to watch the movies I was planning to, Sunday's snow still gave me what I needed it: a day to move slowly, read, enjoy, sip coffee and reflect. Sometimes not driving anywhere is just fine with me. 

Thank you Two Writing Teachers team for the invitation to take a sweet, slow bite of life by inviting us to write every day in the month of March. 


Holly Mueller said...

I love the slowness and relaxation of snow days! We got one today, and I'm using it to read, blog, and grade papers. Thanks for the book recommendation!

Holly Mueller said...

By the way, I just looked at the book cover enlarged so I could add it to Goodreads, and I see that Ann Voskamp wrote the forward. I just finished her One Thousand Gifts!

Karen said...

I love that you took yesterday to refresh and renew. Slowing time down is not just a great writing strategy, it is a wonderful life strategy! The crepes look amazing.

Donna Smith said...

Stella, your unique URL for the March SOL needs to be posted in the comments for day 3. It is
When you click on your name when you comment, it is coming up with blospot instead of blogspot. Somewhere in your identity you have misspelled blogspot...but I found you!