Saturday, March 15, 2014

Slice of Life Day 15: Counting the Days Till Spring Break

Thanks to the team of Two Writing Teachers for the encouragement to work on our habits as writers!

Spring Break is a week away. I'm itching terribly to travel. My adventurous heart can never stop. It is always looking for the next unforgettable moment. Sometimes this moment comes in the shape of food (Cbus has terrific restaurants!) other times it's just checking out a new art exhibit and other times it's getting on a plane and going! Like my parents taught me, spending money on creating memories and building experiences is the best way to invest money. But there's also a time to save. Savings is crucial for building a life rich in learning experiences. Right now I feel like all I need to be happy is an ocean view, several books with me and I'll be happing stationing by the beach ALL. DAY. LONG.
I can almost hear the waves calling my name. I can almost capture the terrific pink skies during sunset. I can almost feel the breeze and my hair flying in all directions. There's something incredibly peaceful about feeling so small in front of something so gigantic like the ocean.
I might jump in the car and drive away....I might just stay put and have smallER adventures in Cbus. But here's what I know for sure...the gift of time and rest is one that we can't take it for granted. Relaxing, slowing down, breathing in and breathing out is all necessary and part of life. It's a beautiful thing when we are able to step away from work for a couple of days, gain some perspective and then come back ready to finish the year strong.
One more week...and Spring break will be here. Traveling or's a precious gift.
Until my eyes see the ocean again, I'll look at this picture over and over and just smile.


Anonymous said...

I liked you comparison between yourself and the ocean. Enjoy making memories on your spring break, no matter what you do. Great slice.

JenniferM said...

I love the way you seek out adventure no matter where you are! I was just telling my husband how you always seem to find the coolest places all around Columbus... I can't believe you know so much more than I do about a city I've lived in my whole life! It's clear that you'll enjoy your break regardless of where you decide to stay or go!