Monday, March 24, 2014

Slice of Life Day 24: Being Present

I'm on Spring Break and as many of my friends know I've been craving and needing the ocean badly. But I made the decision to stay in Columbus this time, be present and enjoy the small moments. I'm glad I did because my mind and soul needed resting in a big way! So, the first step for a successful Spring Break is to make sure my books are all ready. Some of the are from the library, others I've purchased from bookstores or book fairs, and others I've downloaded on my Kindle.

Next I have my wish list of places I'd like to see in the city this week. By places I mean mostly restaurants and coffee shops. Columbus offers so much and it is just a matter of exploring a bit and you'll always find something new. Something is always happening here.

So yesterday I discovered a great place in Clintonville called the Crest Gastropub. Wow! The food is amazing and the ambience of the place is just outstanding. On top of great atmosphere, there was a live band playing great songs. Being on a pub late on a Sunday night was such a treat for this girl. Sunday nights during the school year means getting tons of things ready for the week. So, it already felt different being out and about. Here are some great pics to capture an awesome evening.

Another highlight of my Spring Break was discovering an awesome International Grocery Story in Columbus.  Once you enter the store, you can see clearly that it  represents so many cultures. As I roam the aisles of the story, I see people from everywhere doing their grocery shopping. I honestly felt like I was overseas. Everything around me was different and unique yet so much felt familiar. I love watching pieces of cultures represented here and there. I know the other customers were as excited as I was to be able to bring a piece of home to my new home in the States.

My day ended by finishing reading the amazing new book by Natalie Lloyd entitled A Snicker of Magic. My copy of the book is all highlighted and filled with post its everywhere showing how much I enjoyed the words hidden and captured in this book. I'm going to write about this book on a separate post because it deserves it's own space.

Spring Break how I heart you. Thank you for the gift of time.

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Cathy said...

I enjoyed your recommendation for spits in Columbus. This has been my goal for the year is to discover the great things right here in Columbus. I count you as an important resource in this journey.