Saturday, March 8, 2014

Slice of Life Day 8: Life's Celebrations

Two Writing Teachers encourages us to write daily during the month of March: small, big, quiet or loud moments....they all count. 

This first week of March has just been beautiful. So many little & big life's celebrations make my heart warm...happy for my friends who either welcome a new year in their life or began a new chapter. My friend Adriana celebrated her birthday surrounded by love, family and friends. I'm a firm believer that as years go by and we get "wiser" in life, that circle of people may get smaller but they are all you need. Each of them remains in our life for a purpose and a reason so making a wish surrounded by them sounds pretty amazing to me.

On Friday, another friend started a new chapter. Christina and Kent said the most beautiful vows to each other. It was a night filled with joy. One particular sentence I remember the pastor said was "use your words to lift each other up, not to tear each other down." It was such a powerful reminder of what words can do for us and to us. 

To my friends who had another reason to be grateful and to smile, thanks for letting me be part of your day. What an honor!


Amanda said...

It sounds like you have a great perspective! It's a good reminder to hold tight to those reasons for celebration - birthdays, weddings, and all those other good things that come our way. Thanks for sharing today!

Julie Johnson said...

Beautiful words Stella. :) Once again, I love your attitude. Life is a celebration!