Friday, March 28, 2014

Slice of Life Poem Mobiles: Crazy Car Poems

I'm so excited about this book in so many levels. First of all, I love J. Patrick Lewis and Douglas Florian. And the fact that both of them combined their mad talents to create this book is just such a gift to all of us. First of all, if you think only boys will go crazy for this book? My friend, you are wrong. Yes. Boys will LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But so will girls. This book is for everyone. This will be a fantastic read aloud but you can't miss the pictures done by Jeremy Holmes. It completes the book in a fabulous way. The first poem you will find is a Bookmobile Poem. Seriously? How amazing is this? I dream of owning one. But this bookmobile is so special especially because it's the Gingerbread Man the one who is driving it. And among the many books, you'll find The Wizard of Oz. Classic. 

There are car poems for everyone: The Paper Car, 23rd Century Motors, Hot Dog Car and The Egg Car of course. One of my faves?  High-Heel Car. 

High Heel Car

There was an old woman 
who lived in high heels
She loved one so much
that she gave it three wheels. 

That's how the size-84
shoe-car was born
She wins every footrace, 
Then honks her shoeborn. 

Is there a new poetry book out there that you love? So many books, so little time. 


Holly Mueller said...

Oh, how fun! I hadn't heard of this book yet, so thank you - you're right - such a great combination - J. Patrick Lewis and Douglas Florian!

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing! I now have a new title to share with my nephews!

Michelle said...

We just picked up this book from our library and my four year old daughter was in awe of the illustrations! She adored the high-heel car too. Such a fun read!

Stacey said...

I haven't seen this one yet, Stella. I'm going to go and look it up on Amazon as soon as I finish commenting.

Lin Oliver just published Little Poems for Tiny Ears. I just bought that as a baby gift for someone since it's so precious. Just the perfect verses for a baby or toddler to listen to. (And it comes with an extra-large book jacket and stickers so you can 'wrap' it yourself.)