Sunday, March 16, 2014

Slice of Life Day 16: this week's invitation

Last Sunday, I wrote about this wonderful thing that my church does every year during Lent. You can read that post here. Basically, during Lent, every week the church invites us to reflect on one thing, encouraging all of us to zoom in one particular area in life. So today for our Slice of Life Challenge I thought I'd share the invitation we received.

I think it's simple, straightforward and a wonderful lens to focus on this week. It's not hard but I know all of us can use this reminder once in a while. So, this week....Let's look for the good all around us. I'm sure we'll find plenty.

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Julie Johnson said...

Dear Stella,
What a wonderful sentiment. I'm going to adopt it this week (and I think I'll share it with my students too). Have a wonderful week!